Yoshikazu Hayakawa

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Hayakawa = family name, Yoshikazu = first name, (January 20 1949-)


Editor. Kinbakushi.

Alternate Name(s)

早川佳克(Japanese), Hige(髭)


Jan 20 1949, born.

c1962, becomes interested in SM through reading Kitan Club.

c1968, tied a woman in a relationship for the first time.

1972, graduated from university after studying the erotic works of Georges Batailee and joined with Shobo Misaki to edit the publication "Erotica".

Mar 1973, "Erotica" ceases publication. Becomes Editor-in-chief of "Fantasy and Horror" (with editing adviser Hiroshi Aramata) until issue No. 11.

1974, joins with Koaku Yukio and Tsukasa Shobo.

1980, joins Million Publishing and becomes Editor-in-chief of S&M Sniper.

Sep 1983, starts the Hige no kōyūroku series in S&M Sniper.

1984, becomes managing editor of Million publishing.

1991, inaugurates the Hige Salon collective through S&M Sniper. Edits for Soma Publications.

Aug 1996, started the NIFTY-Serve SM-related internet forum.

1999, opens the Hige salon via the internet.

2000, opens "Mugen on the web" internet sub-channels for SM enthusiasts.

Oct 2001, opens Mugen SM Lounge in Roppongi.

Sep 6 2005, attends Denki Akechi memorial service with Oniroku Dan, Takasu Motojin and Denjiro Sakurada at Tokyo Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan.

Sep 2006, Soma disbands. Mugen SM Lounge closes.

Oct 3 2006, revives Hige Salon at Queen Lounge, Shinjuku with Akemi Nakamura.

Dec 25 2009, Akemi Nakamura closes Queen Lounge, Shinjuku and moves to a new location.

Dec 2012, Hige Salon ends.

Selected Works



Long term public and private relationship with Ran Mitsuo.

Connected with Denki Akechi, Kenji Matsui, Takagi Saonushi and Mai Hana.

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