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S&M Sniper 1979 - 2009 (2009) Wailea publication from Million Publishing. Bondage innovations using professional make-up and costumes.

"S & M Sniper" first issue September 1979


S&Mスナイパー (Japanese name)


Sept 1979, Akira Hirata of Million publishing appoints Sudo Masafumi as founding editor-in-chief. Unlike previous SM magazines doesn't use a professional kinbakushi and is characterized by the editor in charge of bondage scenes. Additionally, professional make-up and costumes were used for the first time, to give a fresh stimulus to the reader and a new flow to SM magazines. Million publishing becomes Wailea publication in 1998 and publication is suspended from the January 2009 issue. From January 2016 the publication is revived as a quarterly magazine.

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