Dirty Kudo

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Dirty Kudo

Kudo (工藤) family name, Dirty (ダーティ) first name, (1954-)


Film director and kinbakushi

Alternate Name(s)

ダーティ工藤(Japanese), Kouichi Kudo (工藤公一)


1954: Born in Hokkaido.

1969: First became familiar with the magazine Kitan Club and taught himself kinbaku.

1973: Moved to Tokyo.

1980s: Wrote about the history of SM films in S&M Sniper

1990: Directed his first SM title for Art Video.

1994: Started his Dirty label.

1999: Jomonshiki

2000: Started DK Productions

Selected Works


  • 『緊縛術 I ("The methodology for Kinbaku 1”)』(Dirty Factory, 2000)
  • 『緊縛術 II ("The methodology for Kinbaku 2”)』(Dirty Factory, 2000)
  • 『緊縛術 III ("The methodology for Kinbaku 3”)』(Dirty Factory, 2000)
  • 『緊縛術 IV ("The methodology for Kinbaku 4”) 』(Dirty Factory, 2002)
  • 『緊縛術 V ("The methodology for Kinbaku 5”) 』(Dirty Factory, 2007)
  • 『今日からデキるSM講座 入門編("You can do now! SM lecture for beginners”)』(ロイヤルアート, 2003)
  • 『今日からデキるSM講座 中級編("You can do now! SM lecture for intermediates”)』(ロイヤルアート, 2003)
  • 『今日からデキるSM講座 達人編("You can do now! SM lecture for the experienced”)』(ロイヤルアート, 2003)



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