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What is Wari?

Wari (わり) is a concept to which rope master Chimuo Nureki attaches a very high value in his practice of kinbaku. Wari can mean "ratio (割合)", "measurement (採寸)", "balance" and so on. Chimuo Nureki believes that the authentic kinbakushi must have a sense of wari. It is difficult to perfectly define the sense of wari, but he has often said: "So many women, so many ways of kinbaku". If the kinbakushi has a sense of wari, he/she can instinctively find the best ratio, length, balance or strength of kinbaku for the bottom to draw out the beauty of kinbaku. Chimuo Nureki has often stressed in his lectures that "this position of nawa (rope) is very important. If the nawa had been 1mm off, that would completely kill the beauty of kinbaku."