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大縄あそび (Japanese)

Onawa Asobi is a kinbakushi centered event organized by Yoi Yoshida.

Onawa Asobi 2019

Alternate Name(s)

大縄あそび (Japanese), O-nawa Asobi


Onawa Asobi 2009

2009: First event held at Good Studio.

2012: "Onawa Asobi 2012 in Japanese House" held at Roppongi Club.

2013: Sister event "Onawa Asobi DX" begins.

2014: Sister event "Onawa Asobi in Osaka" begins.

2014: Sister event "Omuchi Asobi[1] in Osaka" begins.

2016: "Onawa Asobi Vol.10" held at Studio Cherry.

2017: Sister event "Hiroshima Onawa Asobi in Osaka" begins.

2017: Sister event "Onawa Asobi in Nagoya in Osaka" begins.

2017: "Onawa Asobi Vol.11" held at Mk Studio.

2019: "Onawa Asobi 2019" held at Studio KiCoLit.

2020: "Onawa Asobi Europe Shibari Festival" held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Interesting point(s)

See list of Onawa Asobi Performers.

Selected Works


  1. Where Onawa means "Rope," Omuchi means "Whip."

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