Hiromi Saotome

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Hiromi Saotome from S&M Hunter(1986)

Saotome (早乙女) family name, Hiromi (宏美) first name


Actress and performer.

Alternate Name(s)

早乙女宏美 (Japanese)


Hiromi Saotome is best known as an actress in SM films in which she played the role of the naked, bound and gagged victim. She began her career at a young age in 1983. She has appeared in films produced by Nikkatsu and Shin-Toho. Her trademark seems to have been hanging in bondage from high places. In the film S&M Hunter, for example, she was nude, bound and raised high into the air by a crane. In another, she hung from a footbridge high above a gorge in rural Japan. She is also reputed to have hung from a bridge in Shibuya for a photo shoot. She was once a columnist for the now-defunct magazine, S&M Sniper. Currently, she is the resident mama-san of the fetish bar Black Heart in Tokyo's Ginza district.


1980: Joined SM club SAMM founded by Shigeru Kayama.

1983: Appeared in her first pink film.

1984: Appeared in her first Nikkatsu film.

1986: Appeared in S&M Hunter directed by Shuji Kataoka and co-starring Shiro Shimomoto.

1986: Worked as a performance model for Eikichi Osada at live bondage shows.

2009: Became the mama-san of SM Club Black Heart

Interesting point(s)

  • Around 2005, Saotome sponsored the Wakamatsu Theater SM convention.[1]
  • Saotome was affiliated with Hayashi Kikaku, which operated strip clubs in Wakamatsu, Omiya, Koriyama and Nishikawaguchi.[1]

Selected Works


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