Yukiko Rika

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Rika (梨花) family name, Yukiko (悠紀子) first name, (1941 - )

Yukiko Rika. Kitan Club. May 1964.

Yukiko Rika was a Kitan Club model who was a favorite of Takashi Tsujimura and Tetsuzo Tsukamoto.



Alternate Name(s)

梨花悠紀子 (Japanese)


1941(c): Born[1][※ 1]

1960: First appears in Kitan Club in the December issue.

1965: Gets Married[2]

Interesting point(s)

Around 1964, Rika retired to become a Kanebo[3] Charm Girl, but she continued to associate with Takashi Tsujimura and Shigeru Kayama.

Selected Works

From Kitan Club. Dec 1961.


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  3. Kayama, Shigeru. Memoirs of Friendship with Rope Magician Takashi Tsujimura 2 - With Love from the Old City (Kitan Club Reissue, Apr 1982) p20

Notes (※)

  1. This is based on a record that she was 19 years old in 1960.

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