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<references group="note"/>
<references group="note"/>
==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://www.vinciens.com Vinciens]
*[http://osada-ryu.com 長田流 Osada-Ryu]
*[http://osada-ryu.com 長田流 Osada-Ryu]

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(male, 19xx-)


Instructor of Steve Osada's Vienna Kinbaku Dojo.

Alternate Name(s)

xxx (Japanese)


1995: Started rope bondage.

2009: Became student of Osada-ryu after meeting Steve Osada.

2010: Special performance at Club Avalon, Berlin

2011: Co-founder of Vienna Shibari Dojo. Organized workshops in Vienna for Steve Osada. Received permission to teach Osada-ryu. Conducting workshops in Osada-ryu.

2012: Performance at Secession in Vienna at the exhibition of Swiss artist Christoph Buechel.

2012: Performances at BoundCon and with Sub Rosa Dictum in Munich, Germany.

2012: Joined Haruki Yukimura workshop at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo.

2012: Doing Shibari for the TV crime series SOKO Donau (Episode “Ophelia”).

2012: Conducted Master Classes in Osada-ryu at Secret56 in Effretikon, Switzerland.

2012: Performances and Shibari photo shoots in Austria and other parts of Europe.

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