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Utagawa (歌川) family name, Taiga (大雅) first name

Taiga Utagawa was a pre-war and post-war artist. Famous as an illustrator for children's magazines under the name Tomohiko Oka, he also created adult illustrations under the pen name Taiga Utagawa starting in 1956. Then from the 1970s, Utagawa became a researcher into the Tachikawa School of Buddhism.

From the Oct 1960 issue of Gaho Kitan Soshi.



Alternate Names

歌川大雅(Japanese), Ryujiro Ishida (real name), Tomohiko Oka.


1917: Born in the Nicho-Machi, Shitaya ward of Tokyo.[※ 1]

1939: Becomes an apprentice of Tokutaro Tamai.

Interesting Points

Juan Maeda was a student of Utagawa.

Performances and Events

Selected Works


References (※)

  1. From "Japanese Fantasy Author Encyclopedia."

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