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Toshiyuki Suma

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1947 (summer): [[Kiyoshi Sugiyama]], who worked at the ''Central Kyoto News'', took Suma to the editorial office of ''[[Kitan Club]]'' (Akebono Shobo), which gave Suma a chance to begin drawing illustrations for ''[[Kitan Club]]''<ref group="note">There's a conflict in stories between whether ''[[Kitan Club]]'' was founded in 1946 or in October of 1947. A visit will be made this summer to try to confirm the latter.</ref>. There were other irregularly published pulp magazines besides ''[[Kitan Club]]'', and Suma drew illustrations for ''Jouen Shin-syu'' and others as well.<ref group="note">[[Shizuo Yagi]], who used the alias [[Mineko Tsuzuki]], took over as editor of ''Glamorous New Collection''.</ref><ref name="akita"></ref>.
1950: The name "Reiko Kita" and "Toshiyuki Suma" began to appear on Suma ''[[Kitan Club]]''s work<supref name="SMpedia">[Citation needed箕田京二 "Kyoji Minota" in SMpedia]</supref>.
1951 (December): Began full participation at ''[[Kitan Club]]''<ref>[箕田京二 "Kyoji Minota" in SMpedia]"></ref>.
1952: ''[[Kitan Club]]'' changed from a size of A5 to B5 and promoted its "abnormal" content.

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