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Toshiyuki Suma

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1953: Resigned from ''[[Kitan Club]]'' and published the private fanzine called ''Tanoshimi Soushi''<ref name="akita"></ref><ref group="note">''Tanoshimi Soushi'' which earned about twenty fans and printed some 20-50 copies. The magazine continued for eight issues.</ref>. Reiko Kita's art appears in the December issue of ''[[Fuzoku Soushi]]''.
1954: Travels Traveled to Tokyo in the autumn of 1954<ref name="kitahara">Kitahara Dohmu. ''Tokyo Fetish Club.'' Tokyo: San'ichi Shobo, 1996. Print</ref><ref group="note">[[Seiu Ito]] and Torirou Miki are considered to have encouraged Suma to go to Tokyo.</ref>. He meets [[Seiu Ito]] in person for the first time<ref group="note">[[Seiu Ito]] and Reiko Kita had exchanged written correspondence for a number of years before this. At first, Itou believed that Reiko Kita was actually a female artist. Moreover, it's said that until the end of his life, Itou pretended that Suma was Reiko Kita's husband.</ref><ref name="star"></ref><ref name="akita"></ref>.
1955: With the cancellation of ''[[Fuzoku Soushi]]'', Suma began working for ''[[Amatoria]]'' magazine (published by [[Kubo Shoten]]), and he launched ''[[Kappa]]'' the predecessor of ''[[Uramado]]''.<ref name="akita"></ref><ref group="note">The magazine changed its name due to a complaint from Koubunsha, which published Kappa Books.</ref>.
1959: Intesified his association with [[Oniroku Dan]] around this time[Citation needed].
1960: ''[[Uramado]] '' changed from edge binding to inner binding and championed the "abnormal magazine."
1961: [[Hiroshi Urado]] participated in ''[[Uramado]]'s '' editing room.
1962: Passed the editorial baton to [[Chimuo Nureki]], who became ''[[Uramado]]'s '' new editor-in-chief. Worked on editing ''Light'' and the girls' magazine ''Lyric Literature''<ref name="akita"></ref>.
1970: Suma and [[Chimuo Nureki]] left Kubo Shoten and founded [[Abu Production]], where Suma was an executive head. They published ''[[Abument]] '' which terminated in Sep. 1970.
1970 (November): Involved in the foundation of ''[[SM Select]]''.
1971 (October): Involved in the foundation of ''[[SM Collector]]''.
1970s: Suffered a cerebral aneurysm; received treatment at Spring Sanatorium in Shichi-zawa, Atsuki city, Kanawaga<ref name="eshi"></ref>.

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