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Toshiyuki Suma

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1920, Suma was born in Kyoto to a family who ran a printing business out of their home<ref group="note">After his father's death, Suma's uncle, Kanbee Suma, became the head of the family.</ref><ref name="star">Minomura, Kou "A Great Star Has Fallen." ''SM Collector'' Nov. 1980: 96-111. Print.</ref>.
ca1932, As a child, he encountered [[Seiu Ito]]'s torment art in the book ''Documentation on Abnormal Customs'', which he found in his grandfather's book collection<ref name="star"></ref><ref name="akita"> Akio, Fuji, Masami Akita, and Chimuo Nureki. ''History of Japanese Kinbaku Photography 1.'' Tokyo: Jiyukokuminsha, 1996. Print.</ref><ref name="star"></ref>.
1930s, Suma left the Kyoto School of Fine Arts at mid term and became the live-in apprentice to the Japanese painter Baisen Kobayashi<ref group="note">In a place called the Saganosho Babachou Tenryuji in the Ukyo ward of Kyoto. </ref><ref name="star"></ref><ref name="akita"></ref>.

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