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Denki Akechi

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Nov 17, 2000: Loft Plus One presents "Black Market ~ Black Market" at SM Club Ya Rasha. Cast: Denki Akechi, [[Raika]], Minako Ogawa.
Since Dec 2000, it undergoes : Undergoes surgery of for chronic heart disease of the heart as every year.2001 end of the temporary, and pause the pauses Kinbaku activity.December Dec 1, 2001, : Opens SM club "Ya Rasha in Ikebukuro Club Ya woolen cloth " [Note 8] open. with Takagi Sao-nushi is help.December Dec 22, 2001, : Resumes performing at Salon Gracia and resume the show in "The Actual" of. Part 1 Akechi Tsubomi-hi show by disciples "Rene" of. Part 2 is Akechi Denoniwith [[Raika]].January Jan 5, 2002, Salon Gracia "after a : The long time, Awaited Revival of Denki Akechi of demons revival!Show" in a live show billed as. Model at Salon Gracia with model Yui Koike.January Jan 11, 2002, : Loft Plus One presents at Ya woolen cloth seat Presents "Reincarnation - The first tied First Tie of The New Year! " extremists SM bondage event - "reincarnation" [Note 9] [Performers] . Cast: Denki Akechi Denoni, Keijo Yumeji , Ito Mai , Randa Mai 
November 24 2002, Randa Mai lecturer in the "2nd bondage introductory attrition off Meeting" of.
2003, Tsukihana "of rape will be held several times bondage workshop on ".

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