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Denki Akechi

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1985: Takes over [[Denjiro Sakurada]]'s shows on his retirement from performing.
July Jul 87: Opens Studio Phantom in Shibuya for photo sessions.
September Sep 1987: Begins SM experimental Kinbaku theatre at Studio Phantom, once a month, and then twice from January 1988 until June 1997.
1989: Launches General Member outdoor photo sessions on an irregular basis.
1996: Founds Bakutomo-kai with [[Takumi Miura]]. Starts in-depth research of classical rope tying techniques.
Nov 27-Dec 3, 1996: - Performs "SM Techno Obsession (James Bondage - To Die Twice)" at Dotonbori Theater, Shibuya. Planning: Takasu Motojin, Yano HiroshiYuHiroshi Yu. Script: Morizono Milk. Director: Kannonzaki Gootto.
June Jun 1997: Performs at Nakano Queen (oldest SM club).
August Aug 1997: Opened Opens SM Club Ya woolen cloth business Rasha in Setagaya, and devots more time to the interior design industry.
November Nov 1997: Appears in Department H.
1998: Japan Cultural Design Conference (Akita).
Jul 25-Aug 1 1998: Netherlands tour with Katsuragi Ayano, Banta Ryosuke, Takao Nakano and Kuromuchi Hyōko. Jul 25 performs at Club Doma with Katsuragi Ayano.
July 8, 1999, : Loft Plus One at Takasu Motojin appeared to produce vol.17 presents "sexual perversion Night of A Sexual Perversion on a Midsummer Night". Cast: Denki Akechi & Takasu Motojin.
Dec 1999: Performs in "Claims Transformation '99" in Osaka with Tanihige and Takagi Sao-nushi.

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