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Denki Akechi

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'''Akechi''' (family name), '''Denki''' (first name), [[Chronology of Bakushi|September 11 1940 - July 17 2005]]
[[Kinbakushi]]. Active from the 1980s until early 2000s. Developed many bondage techniques in pursuit of the beauty of Kinbaku, influenced many other Kinbakushi, resulting in the 'bondage boom' of the 1990s. 
==Alternate Name(s)==
[明智伝鬼 明智伝鬼](Japanese), Akechi Denoni
19491940s: First While in lower grade at elementary school excited by witnessing girlfriend tied to a tree in the playground. c1949: Elementary school Grade 3 - along with school friends exposed to SM and bondage through magazines [[Kitan Club]], [ The Decameron] and [[Uramado]] in the local rental bookstore. 1950s: Junior high school - rented SM magazines from local bookstore to lend to other pupils where they would study the images and practise tying. c1956: Parent's company goes bankrupt. Has first surgery for heart disease and informed he will not live to the age of 30. c1957: Ties first woman, a café waitress. 1957: Works in the construction business. 1958: Becomes independent craftsman. 1959: Begins private Kinbaku. 1970: Has heart surgery. Prior to surgery, told he has less than a year to live. 1978: Comes into contact with [[Denjiro Sakurada]] and Shin Sakurada at [ GSG Planning] and starts Kinbaku performances, including SM Bomber where many witness and absorb his Kinbaku techniques. 1980s: Prolific live performer and appears in many Kinbaku videos. 1985: Takes over [[Denjiro Sakurada]]'s shows on his retirement from performing. Jul 87: Opens Studio Phantom in Shibuya for photo sessions. Sep 1987: Begins SM experimental Kinbaku theatre at Studio Phantom, once a month, and then twice from January 1988 until June 1997. 1989: Launches General Member outdoor photo sessions on an irregular basis. 1996: Founds Bakuyukai with [[Takumi Miura]]. Starts in-depth research of classical rope tying techniques. Nov 27-Dec 3, 1996: Performs "SM Techno Obsession (James Bondage - To Die Twice)" at Dotonbori Theater, Shibuya with [[Kurumi Mira]]. Planning: Takasu Motojin, Yano Hiroshi Yu. Script: Morizono Milk. Director: Kannonzaki Gootto. Jun 1997: Performs at Nakano Queen (oldest SM club). Aug 1997: Opens SM Club Garaha in Setagaya. Nov 1997: Appears in Department H. 1998: Japan Cultural Design Conference (Akita). Jul 25-Aug 1 1998: Netherlands tour with Katsuragi Ayano, Banta Ryosuke, Takao Nakano and Kuromuchi Hyōko. Jul 25 performs at Club Doma with Katsuragi Ayano. July 8 1999: Loft Plus One presents "Sexual Perversion on a Midsummer Night". Cast: Denki Akechi & Takasu Motojin. Dec 1999: Performs in "Claims Transformation '99" in Osaka with Tanihige and Takagi Sao-nushi. Feb 3 2000: "Disturbed Rope" presented by Loft Plus One with Tachibana Mari. Sep 2000: [[Oniroku Dan]] attends 60th Birthday Party. Nov 17 2000: Loft Plus One presents "Black Market ~ Black Market" at SM Club Garasha. Cast: Denki Akechi, [[Raika]], Minako Ogawa. Dec 2000: Undergoes surgery for chronic heart disease and pauses Kinbaku activity. Dec 1 2001: Opens SM club Garasha in Ikebukuro with Takagi Sao-nushi. Dec 22 2001: Resumes performing at Salon Gracia with [[Raika]]. Jan 5 2002: The long Awaited Revival of Denki Akechi Show" at Salon Gracia with model Yui Koike. Jan 11 2002: Loft Plus One presents at "Reincarnation - The First Tie of The New Year!" extremists SM bondage event. Cast: Denki Akechi, Keijo Yumeji, Ito Mai & [[Mai Randa]]. Nov 24 2002: Lectures with [[Mai Randa]] at "2nd Bondage Introductory Attrition Meeting". 2003: Holds bondage workshops on the subject of rape with Tsukihana. Mar 13 2004: Interview with [[Yoshikazu Hayakawa]] on the subject "Groups surrounding SM celebrities. 2004: Appears in "The SM Final" at Show Up, Omiya.
1957Oct 9 2004: Worked Appears in the construction business[[Mary Aoi]]'s "Demon".
1959Mar 24 2005: Began private shibariAttends [[Kinoko Hajime]] bondage workshops "Beauty and The Beast".
1970Apr 2005: Had heart surgery. Prior to surgery, he was told he had less than a year to liveShoots "Bondage Skills Form Treasury".
1978Jul 17 2005 10: Came into contact with [[Denjiro Sakurada]] and started kinbaku performance36am: Dies of multi-organ failure.
1980sSep 6 2005: Was a prolific performer/nawashi in shibari videosDenki Akechi Memorial Service at Tokyo Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan, organised by [[Oniroku Dan]], Takasu Motojin, [[Denjiro Sakurada]] & [[Yoshikazu Hayakawa]].
1998Sep 6 2005: Performed in The NetherlandsLoft Plus One presents "A Tribute to Denki Akechi" at Shinjuku Art Center, with [[Raika]], [[Mai Randa]], [[Kurumi Mira]], Katsuragi Ayano, Mai Ito & Kanda Tsubaki.
==Selected Works==

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