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Seiu Ito

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1966 Dan Oniroku novel “Ryoki no Hate” (At the extreme of hunting for the bizarre) takes Itou Seiu as model.
1968 In the December issue of Kitan Club, Dan Oniroku publishes “Shihon Itou Seiu Monogatri” (Personal writingon writing on the story of Itou Seiu).
1969: Some discussions are held with the Toei fil film Company by Dan Oniroku to make a movie on the life of Ito Seiyu. An agreement is not reached.
1977 Movie company Nikkatsu produces the movie “Hakkinhon Bijinranpu yori Yori Semeru” (from the forbidden book “ecstatic dance of the beautiful women” Torture!)
1978 In the theater Jiyu Gekijo (Free theater), Tamai*** puts out the play “Kiden ItouSeiyu” (Bizarre stories Itou Seiyu)
1996 Dan Oniroku publishes a chronic of Itou Seiyu “sotomichi no mure” Mure” (the herd of the exterior roadheretical crowd)
2002 "Sotomichi no Mure "is adapted to the movies under the title “Oyou”
==Selected Works==

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