Riccardo Sergnese

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Riccardo Sergnese



Rome-based Italian rope artist and photographer. Involved in public performances, private sessions, workshops/classes.

Alternate Name(s)

Wildties; Riccardo WildTies, Riccardo Sergnese


Riccardo Sergnese aka Wildties, is an Italian rigger and rope artist. Kinkster since ever, he's introduced to BDSM in his thirties. A couple of years later he discovers rope, and especially Japanese rope bondage that he starts to study and practice.

This seducing discipline fascinates him to the point he decides he wants to be a pro and make his living out of it.

Since 2012 he is being performing and teaching throughout all Europe.

At the end of 2012, seduced and inspired by the work of Akira Naka, he starts exploring a new style mainly based on the use of ropes as a mean of aesthetic erotic torture. He devotes himself totally to Semenawa focusing his bondage on a very traditional Japanese style.

In August 2014 he had the great honour and privilege to be the first guest rigger performing a live session as main event at Naka Nawakai, Naka Akira's private session series held at Studio6 Club in Tokyo, Japan.

In March 2015 he was officially recognized from Naka Akira as his Deshi.



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