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Maeda (前田) family name, Juan (寿安) first name

Juan Maeda is a popular mid-20th century SM illustrator.

Juan Maeda artwork


SM illustrator

Alternate Names

前田寿安 (Japanese)


1939: Born in Hokaido.

1957: Drops out of high school and becomes live-in apprentice to Taiga Utagawa.[1]

1963: Houbunsha publishes Maeda's first adult comic. After this, Maeda becomes an adult comic writer for publishers including Futabasha and Shueisha's Playboy.

1970: Draws illustrations for Oniroku Dan's "Cellar Wife" in the first issue of SM Select.[2]

1972: Starting with the August special issue of SM King, Maeda works on Oniroku Dan's "Dramatic Comic: Flower and Snake." This continues until the April 1973 issue.

Interesting points

Selected Works

Photo Collections
  • Love Slave (Soft Magic, 1999)
  • Juan Maeda's Seme-e Collection (Soft Magic, 2000)
  • Secret Charms (Myway Publishing, 2011).[3]


  1. From correspondence between Maeda's daughter and Ugo.
  2. This marks Maeda's debut in SM magazines.
  3. Art by Akira Kito, Kaname Ozuma, Shiro Kasama and Juan Maeda.

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