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Gorgone is a French kinbaku model and kinbakushi. (19xx-20xx)



Model, Kinbakushi

Alternate Name(s)

Gorgone (Japanese), Gorgone Santera、Gorgone Marika


2011(c): First develops and interest in rope.

2014: Attends "Nawanakakai" #15.

2014: Becomes first foreign model to work with photographer Norio Sugiura.[1]

2014: Appears at "Jyohya Club's 5th anniversary event Kinbaku Live!" with Akira Naka.

2014: Performs in Madrid Spain with Akira Naka.

2015: Models at "Nawanakakai" #18 at Studio Roppongi Club

2015: Workshop with Ren Yagami at Place des Cordes in Paris.

2015: Workshop with Ren Yagami at "Scuola di Bondage 'Itoh Seiyu'" in Italy.

2016: Appears at "Manifes 2016" at Shibuya Camelot.

Interesting point(s)

Member of Circque Shibari

Studied with Akira Naka.

Gorgone's bondage is influenced by Nawashi Kanna and Akira Naka.

Selected Works

  • Norio Sugiura Kinbaku Sajiki (2014) 2 parts.
  • Akira Naka Kinbaku Photo Book (2014)


  1. Private message with Ugo. March 4 2015.

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