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Golden Rule SM, April 11, 1959 -


As a "SM manipulative teacher" instructs on how to perform safe SM play, and gives guidance and workarounds when injuries and paralysis occurs. From the spring of 2011 holds an open house for carrying out voluntary treatment treatment relating to SM accidents to a wide range of SM enthusiasts, professional and amateur alike.

Alternate Name(s)

ゴールデン (Japanese), ゴールデンさん、黄金様, Golden Rule SM


1970s: Begins SM.

2011: Starts Open House for SM manipulative therapy.

Jul 2013: Starts series of SM chiropractic treatment at Mania Club.

Dec 2013: Starts regular adult health and physical education classes - 'Sex and Self-development' seminars, Shibuya.

Apr 25 2015: Attends Otonawa events as guest.

Interesting point(s)

Provides consultation for SM related incidents. Advises married couples and lovers on the safe enjoyment of and getting started with SM play.

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