Evie Vane

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Evie Vane

Family= Vane First= Evie, (female)


San Francisco-based rope model, rope-bottoming teacher, performer, and creator of RopeBottoming.com. Author of The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions).

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エヴィー・ベイン(Evie Vane)


Evie Vane is the author of The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions), available in English and Japanese, and the only current book on rope bottoming. She has presented on rope bottoming at Bound Con, TES, and San Francisco State University, among other places; is a regular guest on Kink.com's The Upper Floor; and has performed at Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza, Masquerotica, Opel Productions parties, and the Folsom Street Fair. Through her work she promotes safety for rope bottoms.

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