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Matthias Grimme

Drachenmann, (male, 1953.06.24)


Drachenmann, aka Matthias T.J. Grimme, is a Hamburg, Germany-based rope artist, publisher, teacher and performer. His rope technique has developed into a mixture of his own style and what he has learned from Japanese kinbaku after several trips to Japan. His style has come to be labeled the Hamburg School. He has performed on the main stage of Boundcon (Munich, Germany) since its inception and has performed live shows in Tokyo. He may be one of the few Westerners to have met Eikichi Osada before the latter's death and has had contact with Steve Osada, Mai Randa, Denki Akechi and many other Japanese kinbaku practitioners. He lives with his wife since 22 years, Dana DeLuxe, and his longtime rope model, Nicole, in Hamburg.

Alternate Name(s)

Matthias T. J. Grimme, Tatsu Otoko


1953: Born Hamburg, Germany

c. 1973: After completing high school, studied nursing and social work; subsequently spent about 15 years working in psychiatric institutions.

1980: Worked as an organizer for the German men's movement and was a co-leader of men's groups.

1985: Published several books and articles about men and their relationship to themselves.

1990: Became co-publisher and author of German SM magazine Schlagzeilen and also co-owner of the BDSM-publishing-house Charon Verlag.

1993: Began organizing SM parties in Hamburg where he also performs rope- and SM-shows. Starting as a professional piercer.

1998: Began performing live rope shows and teaching bondage techniques.

1999: First Publication of his book "Das Bondage-Handbuch"

2000: Began work in video and photography; started emphasizing Japanese-style bondage in Hamburg, Tokyo and Europe.

2011: First Publication of his book "Japan Bondage"

Interesting point(s)

Met kinbakushi Eikichi Osada before his death in 2001 at Studio SIX (Steve Osada's rope circle).

Selected Works

  • The SM Handbook
  • The Bondage Handbook
  • Das SM-Handbuch Spezial 1
  • Das Session-Kochbuch
  • Japanese Bondage
  • Japan Bondage Workshop DVDs
  • Bondage-CD



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