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Docvale, (male, 1978-)


French kinbakushi - performer and educator

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Docvale is a French rigger who got interrested in ropes from the BDSM world since 2007. In 2011 he met Tyka and they started ropes together influenced by Kinoko Hajime and Wildties styles. In 2012, he became friend will Wildties and around one year later, they started to work together very regularly in Paris. At the same time, Tyka and him began to be call for workshops and performences in Europe.

The psychological aspect of ropes became increasingly important in the way he tied and it is at this precise moment that he discovered Akira Naka’s semenawa. This intense and psychological style of bondage highlighted Docvale’s own BDSM’s expectations and confirmed his dedication to it. He became one of the very first riggers to tie in this style.

In the continuation of their first meeting with Akira Naka in Rome in July 2015, Tyka and Docvale made a trip to Japan in March 2016 in order to meet with the style's sensei. The purpose of the trip is to compare their work with the opinion of the latter. Since then and on recommendation of Naka Akira and Wildties, he began to work on his own style. After one year and a half trying to understand which way to follow , Docvale finally started to realise in May 2017 what his own kinbaku was. Since this moment began a new way in which you must certainly perceive old school influences.

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Influenced by Riccardo Sergnese & Akira Naka

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