Benio Takara

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Benio Takara

Takara (宝) family name, Benio (紅緒) first name


Kinbakushi and Mistress

Alternate Name(s)



Benio Takara has appeared on television and in commercials since she was a child.

Takara is a medical hypnosis and Chinese Qigong medical treatment practitioner and instructor.

2001: Performs SM shows regularly at the Roppongi SM bar Mistress. In October, she performed Alluring Rope Picture Scroll Bondage World and the Classics at the Shinjuku Loft Plus One.

2002: Takara won the International Award at the 7th Pantheon of Leather Awards in Chicago.

2002: Has performed many times in Europe at places such as Klubi, Tullikamarinaukio (Tampere) and Club Doma[note 1] (Amsterdam).

Selected Works


  • 緊縛学入門1(Introduction to Kinbaku 1) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)[note 2]
  • 緊縛学入門2(Introduction to Kinbaku 2) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門3(Introduction to Kinbaku 3) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門4(Introduction to Kinbaku 4) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門5(Introduction to Kinbaku 5) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門6(Introduction to Kinbaku 6) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門7(Introduction to Kinbaku 7) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門8(Introduction to Kinbaku 8) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門9(Introduction to Kinbaku 9) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 緊縛学入門10(Introduction to Kinbaku 10) (Ces't Bien, 2001?)
  • 紅緒流 縄の手ほどき(How to Play Benio Style Kinbaku) (440 Planning, 2004?)

Photo Collections

  • Akira Fubuki's Final Photo Collection (Bunkasha, 1997)
  • Garo Aida Photo Studio 3 "REIKA" (Kaiohsha, 2000)
  • Hitomi Kobayashi Photo Collection - Sacrificial Wife (Bunkasha,2002)
  • Haru Yoshino Photo Collection "VENUS" (Kougasha, 2005) (e-book)

Movies and Television

  • Antenna[note 3] (S&M Advisor for the 2003 Office Shirous. Directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri.)
  • The World of SM Artisans(2) (Paradise TV, 2006)

Essays and Novels

  • Leopard (Domesticated Person 9, Izumi Mook, 1998)
  • About the Characteristics Seen in Women (Da Capo, February 4th 2004)



  1. Went to Europe about twice a year at this time.
  2. This same series resold in a DVD version.
  3. Exhibited at the 60th Venice International Film Festival.

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